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1994 is the year when S.C. SERGIANA PRODIMPEX S.R.L. was founded a company with the main activity production of meat and meat products.

We always strongly believed that only a thing well done deserves to be done. That is why, when we proposed to produce meat products, we knew we will have a farm and our own slaughter house. At Poiana Mărului we do not use imported frozen raw materials. We believe in the traditional values which consolidated the communities from Ţara Bârsei.

The brand SERGIANA POIANA MĂRULUI is a sign of identity for more than 200 products from meat, with recipes passed down from generation to generation. The production unit from Poiana Mărului is the result of a process of upgrading and expansion which lead to the increase of the production capacity to 30 tons/day, in the conditions of the European Union, and the surface occupied exceeds 9000 m2. Sergiana invests in technology and in people. The production halls allow the organization of the technological flows abiding the food safety requirements, modern equipment and working conditions allow the increase of production performance, storage spaces with processor controlled environments, automated packing lines, delivery tunnels which protect the products up to the loading in the transport vehicles – this is the summary of the program for modernization of the factory from Poiana Mărului. We became a supplier of professional training authorized by the Ministry of labor, social solidarity and family. The first beneficiaries were 24 of the employees of the meat processing unit from Poiana Mărului, which graduated from the qualification course as butchers.

The fresh, tender meat and traditional recipes from Ţara Bârsei are the attributes that define the identity of the products Sergiana Poiana Mărului. The raw dried products are the ultimate demonstration of the skill of the workers, and for the recognition of these goods Sergiana Prodimpex, were registered, under the Sergiana brand, a large part of the products in the catalogue of brands from Romania – Bărdaş salami, , Farmer salami, , Piatra Craiului sausages,  Plaiul Foii sausages, etc. The salamis, sausages and hams from this range are cured slowly, and the alchemy of the cold smoke treatments turn this special type of products in spicy delicacies. The specialties and smoked goods are made from carefully cut pork meat, because we know: Your eyes are the ones that choose. The hot dogs and baloney are made from pork, beef or chicken meat. The nutmeg and juniper add a subtle nuance to the products manufactured by boiling. The mixture of the pork and beef meat is the main ingredient of the salamis and sausages Sergiana Poiana Mărului. The natural flavors of garlic and pepper give color and richness to the taste of our products.

At Poiana Mărului each day starts with the sign of a fixed objective: We will not deceive those that select our products since December 1994.

RO 6981790
Brașov county, Poiana Mărului
618B, Sub Masa Mare street

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