Europig Sercaia

The source of raw materials for the units of Sergiana Group is its own complex of pig raising and fattening, EUROPIG S.A., located at 55 km from Braşov, in the commune Şercaia. The complex occupies a surface of 22 hectares, with 32 halls with a total capacity exceeding 50000 animals/year. The Europig complex includes a factory for concentrated feed and a slaughterhouse for the killing of the pigs and bovines.

The factory for concentrated feed produces the whole volume of animal feed used for the pigs from the complex. Europig, procures from the national market cereal products which are improved with vitamins and minerals up to 10%. The production capacity of the feed factory is of 80 tons / day.

The slaughter house was commissioned in 2005 and includes investments exceeding 3.5 million Euro, being constructed and provided according to the EU norms. The direct consequence of these investments is the export license obtained by Europig.

The concern for the increase of the production and reproduction performances for the pigs was realized by the creation of a distinct sector for genetic hybridization. The activity of this sector consists in the selection of the reproductive animals with genetic performances and controlled breeding.

After more than a year of selection of the suppliers of genetic material with high performances, we identified the source of breeding stock adaptable to the conditions from Romania and we traced the development plan for this activity. In 2002, Europig started the imports of animals with high genetic performance from the European Union, mainly from the core UPB Spain.

The structure of the genetic hybridization farm from the Europig complex consists of 4 halls: Maternity, growing sectors, gestation and breeding sector and testing unit.

The results of the investments in this domain are found in the increase of performances for the animals from the farm. In 2000, the growing process for a pig summed up to 220 days, from birth, and the percent of fat was 24% per carcass. In may 2003, the percent of growing reached 180 days, and the fat content per carcass is of 12 – 14%. Currently this percent is between 10 – 12% from the body mass.
In the first quarter of 2008, the Europig complex farm entered a new stage of upgrading. The volume of new investments reaches 893000.00 euro, the project being conducted within the SAPARD program – with the own contribution representing at least 50% from this sum. The purpose desired is the technology upgrade for the whole process of growing and fattening of the pigs in order to increase the wellness indicators of the animals, decrease the energy costs and harmonization with the modern norms for environmental protection.

Two significant details for the evolution of Europig:
2001 – the share capital reached 8.304 billion ROL, the increase index per initial capital being, after 13 months of operation  of 510%!.

1999 – Europig started the activity in 4 rented halls belonging to the old pig farm from Şercaia. Within 2 years it acquired the whole structure, which was developed to the current level in another 6 years.

Şercaia, 1, Câmpului street,
Brașov County
RO 12477349; J/08/814/1999
Tel./Fax: 0268 245929