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Our target, as a family business with a history, is to offer to our clients only meat products and meat goods of the highest quality. The high quality level for our products represents the basis of the prestige and respect developed by the Sergiana brand for over 17 years.

Șercaia slaughterhouseȘercaia slaughterhouse
Sergiana Factory in Poiana MăruluiSergiana Factory in Poiana Mărului


calitateQuality Control in Poiana Mărului Factory
chetrosuChetrosu Salami

Due to our passion for the traditional customs and recipes from Ardeal, in 1992, Sergiana started with a bakery. 20 years later we reopen the gates of Sergiana Bakery, with modern technology, but the same use of natural, fresh and high quality ingredients.
This way we can offer the customers from the shops and the ones from the restaurants the authentic taste of the bread products made with care and craftsmanship, as done by Sergiana for a long time.

brutariaPoiana Mărului Bakery
paineFreshly baked bread out of the Bakery’s oven

The production unit from the commune Poiana Mărului – located at the base of the mountain Piatra Craiului, at 35 km from Braşov – became the development core for the whole group of companies united under the name SERGIANA GRUP.
The SERGIANA group operates using a well defined principle in the Ardeal area, “A thing well done deserves to be done”, as a result the production process for the SERGIANA brand products begins with the raising of the pigs in our own farm from Şercaia, continues with its slaughtering in our own slaughter house, and is finalized with the processing of the fresh and tender meat in the factory from Poiana Mărului. The second day the Sergiana products reach the tables from Brasov and the customers from 21 other districts using our own distribution network.

mama-letiBunătățuri tradiționale
după rețetele Mamei Leti
mosu-tucaSpecialități din vânat
după rețetele lu’ Moșu Țucă

The raw material source for the units from the SERGIANA GROUP is our own raising and fattening complex for pigs, EUROPIG S. A., located at 55 km from Braşov, in the commune Şercaia, which includes a concentrated feed factory and a slaughter house for pigs and cattle.

The presence of the SERGIANA products on the market is ensured by pour own distribution network, and their trading is made using the following trade channels: Own shops, own restaurants, HORECA market, traditional trade and, recently, modern trade.
Our own SERGIANA distribution network operates in the districts Braşov, Covasna, Harghita, Mureş, Sibiu, Argeş, Prahova, Dâmboviţa, Vrancea, Dolj, Alba, Bucureşti, Bihor, Cluj, Hunedoara, Gorj, Târgul Neamţ, Bacău, Buzău, Giurgiu and Olt.

Our own trading network sums up 47 shops, from which 24 are located in the district Braşov, and the rest are in the cities Argeş, Alba Iulia, Bucureşti, Oradea, Craiova, Săcele, Poiana Mărului, Zărneşti, Râşnov, Predeal, Sibiu, Codlea, Bran, Mioveni, Miercurea Ciuc, Câmpulung, Orăştie, Deva, Sighişoara, Mediaş, Sebeş, Făgăraş, Hunedoara, Câmpina, Sfântu Gheorghe.
In the first part of 2010 we approached the modern trade segment, we started gradually by introducing the products SERGIANA POIANA MĂRULUI in the hypermarket type network, like KAUFLAND and REAL. For traditional trade, more than 1700 companies chose to resell our products.

magazin-muresenilor Sergiana Shop
magazin-kauflandSergiana Shop

With regard to the public food industry, SERGIANA GROUP is represented by six restaurants (Sergiana Braşov -Mureșenilor nr. 28-, Sergiana -Coresi Shopping Resort-, Ceasu’ Rău, Casa Tudor, Tassi Restaurant), the brand Nec’s that actually reunites menus specific to the pizzeria/bistro.

sergiana-restaurant Sergiana Restaurant Brașov
ceasu-rauCeasu’ Rău Restaurant Brașov
casa-tudorCasa Tudor Restaurant Brașov
necsNec’s Restaurant Brașov
tassiTassi Restaurant Brașov
cc Sergiana Event Center

The largest project of the Sergiana brand is the events center “Sergiana Center” dedicated to any type of business (meetings, conferences, seminaries) or family project, lending style and character to any special moment.

“We started believing that success becomes tradition only when for everybody else your brand means Quality!”